Sizzling hot during the day, freezing cold at night. Not to forget one of the dryest places on earth. Handy for people like me who are used to the rain for almost 8 months a year. A new wave of hotels opened their doors here near or in San Pedro de Atacama. The old institude Explora is pretending the new ones are not there and continues their “this is not a hotel but an experience” philosophy. Let’s see how long they can hold on to it. Good options are Awasi for romance and privacy, Alto Atacama for unlimted views on the mountains and absolute silence at night and Tierra Atacama for good design, comfort and lot’s of space. And of course there’s still the desert waiting to be discovered… but at your own speed and only when you want it… don’t let them treat you like you are on bootcamp! Atacama is also about relaxing and enjoying the space and silence…